Shimadzu X2 UHPLC System

Shimadzu Nexera X2
Shimadzu Nexera X2

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Shimadzu X2 UHPLC System


Shimadzu X2 UHPLC System includes

Shimadzu X2 UHPLC System features

System configuration:

  • s/n 228-45162-58 LC-30AD UHPLC Pump
  • s/n 228-45162-58 LC-30AD UHPLC Pump
  • s/n 228-45011-59 CBM-20ALITE Web-based (U)HPLC system controller
  • s/n 228-45041-91 Reservoir Tray
  • s/n 22845157-58 SIL-30AC – Autosampler for Nexera X2 system, including cooling option
  • s/n 228-45019-58 DGU-20A5R Degasser
  • s/n 228-45010-59 CTO-20AC Column oven
  • s/n 228-45168-44 Mixer-MR 40 μl

Shimadzu detailed information

The latest generation Nexera X2 system is based on advancements in the Prominence LC platform, to enable higher operating pressure and lower carry over while maintaining reliability and robustness of a conventional LC system for ultrahigh performance. At the same time the versatility of the system was improved by adding sample pre-treatment and overlapping injection functionality to the Nexera autosampler.

The configuration comprises a binary gradient system, including two LC-30AD solvent delivery pumps. The system is configured with a standard MiRC mixing device with a volume of 40 µL, additional mixer sizes are available.
The (standard) package does not contain an UHPLC detector nor control software.
The Nexera X2 system was developed to handle ultra-fast, ultra high resolution applications at system backpressure up to 130 MPa. As all-round LC system it supports conventional as well as ultra-high pressure applications without changes on the flow line.

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