Featured instrument of the month: Waters Xevo QTof

Featured instrument of the month: Waters XEVO QTof

This month we put special emphasis on our XEVO Q-ToF instrument, which is now available for direct sale. The system is in perfect working condition, comes fully inspected and refurbished and runs fully operational in our test & demonstration laboratory.

The XEVO QTof is a benchtop MS/MS system, offering high sensitivity, exact mass measurement plus quantitative and qualitative analysis. Its compact housing easily fits in every laboratory, even when lab space is limited. It delivers integrated workflows for many applications, ranging from pesticide analysis to proteomics.
The standard source is a nano-ESI type, other sources optionally available.

The system comes includes installation and user training by our skilled engineers plus a 3 months warranty period (longer warranty available on request).
The system is in stock in Almere (Netherlands), thus shipment can take place upon short notice.

For pricing please send us a request!


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